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Art No. 62204
Electro Magnetic Drum Separator
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  • Powerful magnetic zone approximately of 135 Deg fixed inside rotating SS Drum.
  • Material is fed from hopper/tray on drum, tramp iron is held on drum and non magnetic material falls, iron is taken away held by magnet and then falls when away from magnet zone.
  • Magnet Drum is supplied with fixing blocks and Shaft for adjustment.
  • Complete Drum Separator machine is supplied with hopper, vibrating feeding tray and gear/motor assembly.
  • Available in Single / double and triple drum complete unit.
  • Size of Drum 300 to 900 mm dia, length up to 1500 mm.
  • Made with Strontium ferrite magnets.
  • Electro Magnetic drums are made using Aluminium or Copper conductors.


  • Most economical automatic iron removing equipment for large volume for dry powders, granules & crushed materials.
  • Suitable for any dry material.
  • Remove fine iron particles and iron oxides from mixed materials
  • Silica, Sand, minerals, etc.
  • Glass, pharmaceuticals, cement, metal recovery, plastic industry.
All Dimensions are in mm.
Art No.DLDriving Power
Driving Power
Operating Voltage
Select for
62204.01 500 1000 2000 1.5 110 20
62204.02 800 1500 3000 2 110 25
  • Due to continuous upgradation in design there could be changes in specification.
  • Other sizes on request.