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Art No. 61107
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  • Manufactured in self cleaning with cross belt conveyor system, they automatically discard the tramp iron from the process.
  • Most effective for removal of tramp iron from materials carried over conveyors/ vibratory feeders or inclined planes.
  • Can be suspended for Longitudinal or Transversal cleaning over the conveyor belt.
  • Permanent magnetic suspension separators are made with powerful Strontium Ferrite magnets.
  • Electro magnetic suspension separators are supplied for deep depth up to 700 mm depth and manufactured with Copper and Aluminium insulated conductor.


  • Suitable for foundry, coal mines, cement work, food, chemical industries, domestic waste cycling plants, material processing etc.
  • Manufactured in various sizes and models for conveyor width 300 to 2300 mm.
  • Magnets for operating height of 100 mm to 700 mm are available.
  • DC control panel in complete dust proof enclosure is supplied for electro magnetic separators.
All Dimensions are in mm.
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  • Due to continuous upgradation in design there could be changes in specification.
  • Other sizes on request.