EPRAIL - Heavy duty Electro Permanent Magnetic systems for Rail Machining

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Art No. 13110
Heavy duty Electro Permanent Magnetic systems for Rail Machining
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heavy duty milling of rail when clamping using an electro permanent magnetic chuck


Line Diagram of EPRAIL
  • High clamping force for rigid & uniform clamping.
  • Accurate alignment of rail achieved.
  • Complete rail machining in only 2 set-up.
  • No vibration of Rails during machining operation..
  • Increased tool life.
  • High stock removal.
  • Superior accuracies and finishing.
  • Easy chips removal.
  • Energy saving.
  • Different Profiles of rails can be clamped on same Magnet using pole extensions.
  • Total face is accessible for machining.


  • A EPRAIL system is composed using a series of standard modular elements with 1000 mm fixed length each, in order to build up magnetic tables for different types of machines and length of rails to be machined.
  • Each EPRAIL module has independent magnetic sectors right angle placed to clamp respectively the foot and the web of the rail, with a total clamping force of 12 MT/m.
  • EPRAIL modules are standard equipped with a series of fixed pole extensions to match with the different rail profiles.
  • Pole Extensions to match different types of rails are available.

All Dimensions are in mm.
Art No.WLHController Select for
13110.01 390 1080 268 93101.40
  • for Controller details, kindly visit the EPM Controller page.
  • Due to continuous upgradation in design there could be changes in specification.
  • Other sizes on request.