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Art No. 13114/ 15
A UNIQUE self clamping MAGNET
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Doublemag Electro Permanent Magnetic Clamping device


Doublemag Line Diagram
  • Patented design with full steel working face.
  • Unique self clamping magnets.
  • Ergonomic design and light weight magnet modules.
  • Magnets can be Daisy Chain connected so that only one cable needs to be connected to the controller and the magnets are connected amongst themselves.
  • Mangets clamps to the machine bed without the need of any external clamping simultaneously clamping the job.
  • Magnets can easily be placed where required.
  • Any module of the magnet can be used to switch ON/ OFF as all the modules are interconnected with detachable connectors. This gives a great deal of flexibility.
  • Height of all magnets is 60 mm.
  • Clamping force for DoubleMag 50 ≥ 300 kg/ pole.
  • Clamping force for DoubleMag 75 ≥ 675 kg/ pole.


  • For machining applications of job of all sizes and shapes.
  • Most suitable for jobs with a number of holes and very less clamping area.
  • Pole extensions raise the work piece above the chuck to provide clearance for the tools.
  • Dowel holes can be made for location of work piece.
  • Can be used in welding/ machining testing and assembly to hold the job.

Patent Applied.

All Dimensions are in mm.
Art No.Pole Size
Select for
13114.02A 50 333 97 50
13114.01A 50 213 97 50
13115.02A 75 448 128 65
13115.01A 75 272 128 65
13114.03A 50 273 157 50
13114.02B 50 213 157 50
13115.03A 75 360 216 65
13115.02B 75 272 216 65
13114.03B 50 213 217 50
13115.03B 75 272 304 65
  • Magnets of different size/ operating volts can be made on request
  • Due to continuous upgradation in design there could be changes in specification.
  • Other sizes on request.