EPM-C - Electro Permanent Magnetic Coil Handling System

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Art No. 23109
Electro Permanent Magnetic Coil Handling System
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Electro Permanent Magnetic Coil Handling System


  • EPMs suspended from fixed length spreader beam so that the maximum range of coil are covered.
  • Electricity only required during switching ON/ OFF. During actual handling no electricity is required
  • Load will not drop during power faliure
  • Optimise the available work area by elimination of dunnage.
  • Electronic control panel along with standby PCB card.
  • Safety Interlock Key to Magnetize/ Demagnetize 2 buttons are to be pressed simultaneously. This eliminates the chance of accidental operation of the magnet.
  • ADPREM Accidental Demagnetization Prevention Mechanism. Disable the demagnetization cycle when carrying load.
  • Lamp Block Displays the systems present state.
  • Chain and Hanging Arrangement made of grade 80 high strength steel along with bull ring.


  • Loading/ unloading of steel coil from truck
  • Handling of heavy coils within the plant
All Dimensions are in mm.
Art No.Coil ID
Coil OD
Lifting Capacity
Lifting Type Select for
23109.01 400 1500 2000 Vertical
23109.02 550 1700 5000 Vertical
23109.03 550 2000 10000 Vertical
23109.04 550 2500 15000 Vertical
23109.05 550 2500 20000 Vertical
  • Handling of Coil in horizontal direction can also be designed.
  • Due to continuous upgradation in design there could be changes in specification.
  • Other sizes on request.