EPFLUX-R - Fine Pole Round Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck

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Art No. 13203
Fine Pole Round Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck
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EPFlux - Round


Line Diagram of Round EPFlux
  • All AlNiCo design. results in better demagnetisation of job.
  • No electricity required to keep the chuck ON.
  • All Metal Top Plate of Brass and Steel lamination provides full active area.
  • Variable power makes it possible to adjust the magnetic force.
  • It drastically reduces the loading, unloading the work pieces.


  • Suitable for clamping all kinds of jobs.
  • Can clamp hardened/ high carbon jobs which are difficult to release after grinding.
  • For grinding application of all sizes of jobs.
  • These chucks are suitable for horizontal spindle surface grinding machines as the main cutting thrust is towards the length of the chuck, poles at right angle of the wheel give more gripping of the job.
  • No heat build up, deformation provides high precision accuracy.
  • Large area can be arranged by multiple mounting of chucks side by side which can be operated by a single controller.
  • Special purpose chucks can also be designed to suit particular applications.
  • Pole pitch of 2mm (1.5+0.5) can be made at extra cost.
All Dimensions are in mm.
Art No.DPole PitchHController Select for
13203.01 200 6.5 (5+1.5) 65 93101.01
13203.02 300 6.5 (5+1.5) 65 93101.01
13203.03 450 6.5 (5+1.5) 65 93101.01
13203.04 500 6.5 (5+1.5) 65 93101.01
13203.05 600 6.5 (5+1.5) 65 93101.01
13203.06 700 6.5 (5+1.5) 65 93101.01
  • for Controller details, kindly visit the page Other Machines page.
  • Due to continuous upgradation in design there could be changes in specification.
  • Other sizes on request.